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Posted: 11/11/07 10:30 AM
Author: radio active
Location: nyc
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Classic Hip-Hop of Late 80's
What hip-hop group made;"Watching You" the remake of Slave's hit? They consists of three members: They go by the names of : 1-Yah-Yah 2-Nate-D & 3-Don Wan. Who are the hip-hop guys?

Posted: 11/11/07 12:22 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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Classic Hip-Hop of Late 80's

Artist: Black Flames

Song: Watching You

CD Title: Black Flames

Year: 1990

Note: Vocal trio from Newark, New Jersey. Yah-Ya (John Sykes), Don Juan (Donald Robinson) and Nate B (Burgess).

Track Listing:

Track Listing:

1. Watching You
2. Dance With Me
3. Let Me Show You
4. Do Ya
5. Let's Get Loose
6. Lies
7. Public Domain
8. Attitude
9. Stay Around
10. Fortune And Fame (Yah-Ya's Rap)



Click here to watch the video

The record is available at www.gemm.com


Aaron From OHWC
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