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Posted: 11/20/07 05:33 PM
Author: Real80'sR&B
Location: USA
Posts: 16


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Steve Arringtton
Does anyone know where I can get my hands on Steve Arrington's "Positive Power." I have the album, but I want a CD. Or what about just the song "Young And Ready."

Posted: 08/25/09 01:53 AM
Author: breeze84
Location: Ohio
Posts: 1


Steve Arringtton
Go to cdnow.com and type in Steve Arrington. All of his work will be listed there. I just tried it and the cd you are looking for is there for $12.98.
Posted: 02/22/10 10:39 PM
Author: karameldreem
Location: Houston, Texas
Posts: 11


Steve Arringtton
i have software from pinnacle called pinnacle clean and i can transform cassettes into cds.
Posted: 10/08/10 03:00 PM
Author: misshoneybee
Location: Holts Summit, MO
Posts: 6


Steve Arringtton
Amazon.com, baby! Whole album, mp3, $7.95! It's got the song you want!

Aaron From OHWC
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