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Posted: 12/05/07 09:17 PM
Author: W84tricia
Location: USA
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I am looking for the name of the person (female) who sings this song, I think it is called "He's So Jealous." The lyrics are: "He said he wanted to know where did I go when I left home last night. He said he dialed my number but I wasn't home he let the phone ring all night long....Sometimes he makes so angry. Sometimes I just don't know why I love him like I do. But if he'd only change his thoughts of me, I can show him what love could truly be. Chorus: He's so jealous, he's so jealous of me I can't take it all of this madness and I can't stand it, it's tearing me apart."

Does anyone know who sings this??? I have been looking for this artists for years and no one seems to know who I am talking about. It is really bothering me. I would like to have this song. Someone told me it Joyclyn Brown - but that is not the original artist. The version by Joyclyn Brown is Reggae. I am looking for the slow-R&B version. PLEASE HELP ME

Posted: 12/05/07 10:02 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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Artist: Keisha Jackson

Original Release Date: April 27, 1990

Track Listing:

1) Hot Little Love Affair
2) Do Me Right
3) He's So Jealous
4) U Needa Lover
5) U.b.u.
6) Over You
7) Love Triangle
8) After All This Time
9) Lookin' Out For #1
10) Hit Me (with Your Love)



Aaron From OHWC
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