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Posted: 12/12/07 08:24 PM
Author: jlal71
Location: New york, United States
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RE: Looking for song and artist....
Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if this is an 80's or early 90's song, however, I'm looking for the name and singer of a song with these lyrics:

chorus: never stop, never give (something), no, never stop

Give it up, feel so good to be together.- makin' love. Free from all the pain and sorrow. Never feel the hurt again. Ooh, Ooh...
there been so many tender days without you. Hoping that you feel it too, WHAT YOU WANT, what you're feeling I am feeling too. Never stop, never give it up. YOUooooo (something something- sorry I don't know the rest).

I'm not sure of the lyrics either. I think the name of the song might be EVERGREEN, however, I don't know who the artist is. It's a fast paced song with a funky beat. I hadn't heard it for a while and just heard it on the radio, but they didn't say who the artist was.

Any help you can provide with the song title, and artist is greatly appreciated. THANKS!

NEVER MIND. FOUND IT!!! For anyone who might be interested..the name of the song is "Never Stop", by The Brand New Heavies, 1992.

Posted: 12/13/07 01:25 PM
Author: Madame_Zenobia
Location: NC by way of NY
Posts: 71


RE: Looking for song and artist....


Aaron From OHWC
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