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Posted: 01/11/08 01:31 PM
Author: musiclovekc
Location: Kansas City
Posts: 7


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Can anyone ....I mean anyone help...
I will pay via paypal for 2 songs that are R&B classics in the late 70''s, early 80's.

Stay awhile -- Badd
Diamond Feathers - Bad News band

If anyone has these, I will pay for them in Mp3 format.


Posted: 01/11/08 11:36 PM
Author: Nell
Location: California
Posts: 6


Can anyone ....I mean anyone help...
you can probably find it on limewire... it's free. after downloading limewire just type in the song or the group in search and when it comes up hit download. Good luck:)
Posted: 01/12/08 12:39 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Can anyone ....I mean anyone help...
If you would be willing to buy the vinyl or pay Vic to purchase the record, Vic Ferri can transfer the songs for you to a digital format. Vic charges a modest fee for this service.




Aaron From OHWC
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