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Posted: 01/05/09 12:17 AM
Author: Trish1
Location: Los Angeles
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To KROQ Pasadena listeners -any Richard Blades out there?- Help
Trying to remember a beautiful but almost atonal song played on KROQ, perhaps around the time of Hungry Like a Wolf?? or another song with "Wolf" in the title--vague, right. Sounds something like, could it have been, did KROQ even play "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith? (Don't think Aerosmith was considered NEW WAVE like KROQ was playing then.) Are there playlists fm KROQ?

Posted: 01/05/09 01:57 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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To KROQ Pasadena listeners -any Richard Blades out there?- Help
Hi Trish,

There's quite a bit of information about KROQ on the net including the top songs of the 80's, streaming music etc.

Richard Blade released 6 volumes of music on CD called Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites available at Amazon.com

Hungry Like A Wolf by Duran Duran was released in 1982. The first step to find your song is to try to pin down the year. Think of other songs that you heard at the same time or what school year or job etc

For starters, here are 2 'Wolf' songs

a-Ha - Cry Wolf {1986}

Click to hear

Peter & The Wolf - Peter & The Wolf {1986}

Click to hear

The Top 1067 song of the 80's at KROQ...


DJ Craig


KROQ classic music...


Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites...

Click here



Aaron From OHWC
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