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Posted: 01/12/09 02:35 PM
Author: lj
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80's R&B slow jam
I'm desperately looking for title and artist for the following 80's slow jam(lyrics may not be exact:) "So many times i've tried to tell you how heavenly i feel but the words kept slipping away. Flowers of love in every shade are bursting in my heart and now it's time for me to say, why do flowers bloom in summer? why do clouds refuse to rain? why does every single love song sing the same refrain? the answer to the question is tested, tried and true....because of you."

Posted: 01/13/09 02:09 AM
Author: KEITHC
Location: Chocolate City, USA
Posts: 61


80's R&B slow jam
You might be looking for "Love Seasons" by Zoom - Polydor Records, 1981. "Just like spring summer fall and winter.....out love remains the same."
Posted: 06/05/09 10:58 PM
Author: weekendgyrl
Location: MD
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80's R&B slow jam
I've been searching for the same song...and cannot find it to save my life. If you come across it..PLEASE let me know. It is a BEAUTIFUL song!! Thanks!
Posted: 06/24/09 02:12 AM
Author: Alex C
Location: Toronto, Canada
Posts: 11


80's R&B slow jam
The song you're looking for is "Because of You" by Bobby Nunn

Aaron From OHWC
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