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Posted: 01/27/09 06:53 PM
Author: Foziki
Location: Idaho
Posts: 1


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PLEASE HELP WITH A SONG...something wildfire?
ok so any help would be much appreciated! i am trying to find the name of a song, it is an older one, and i hear it on the classic rock stations quite a bit. the guy has a deeper voice, driving rhythm, and it seems like he says something like, "hey pretty lady" at the first or something like that, but then the chorus he says something like, "oh oh oh Wildfire." that is pretty much all i can think of, i just remember hearing the wild fire part, it is driving me absolutely crazy!?!?! can anyone help me?

Posted: 02/14/09 10:47 PM
Author: Windwalker
Location: Fullerton, California
Posts: 19


PLEASE HELP WITH A SONG...something wildfire?
Probably a big stretch but is it Michael Martin Murphy's "Wildfire?"

Aaron From OHWC
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