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Posted: 03/26/09 07:33 AM
Author: united1
Location: UK
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Name that song/Video please!!!!
Doing this on behalf of a friend who is doin his loop trying to get the answer but its so vague i've given up. Anyone out there who can maybe help please.
Can anyone remember a pure 80s song that had a video to it which featured a small clip of one of these tug-boat things squirting water up into the air out of its hoses ? I think it was in the soundtrack for an American film.It was full on 80s.Mid 80s I think.Wasn't footloose,fame,Manequin.But something like that.It was a happy song like Starships "Nothings going to stop us now",but it wasn't that song.Something similar.

Posted: 03/26/09 08:10 PM
Author: pete
Location: planet porphyry
Posts: 485


Name that song/Video please!!!!
'Perfect' by Fairground Attraction?

Aaron From OHWC
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