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Posted: 05/02/09 07:57 AM
Author: john916
Location: Australia
Posts: 1


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Sesame Street
Hi All, there was a song (I think it was 80s, so apologies if it wasn't) that had a sample of the Sesame Street theme in the chorus. It's been driving me nuts - I have been slowly tracking down all the old songs that I wanted and this is one of the last ones.
It had the standard sounding theme for the "Sunny day..." part and then it would speed it up quite a bit
Anyone know waht it was?

Posted: 05/31/09 12:20 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Sesame Street
Smart E's - Sesame's Treet {1992}

Click to watch the original music video

Click to hear the 12" mix



Aaron From OHWC
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