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Posted: 05/16/09 02:39 AM
Author: nargus
Location: Philadelphia
Posts: 2


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Song from 1983 in think
There was a song that got moderate airplay on AOR stations in '83... It opened with a line played backwards, and I think it was a line from later in the song that went something like "never gonna slip away..." or something to that effect. It had sort of an Asia/Rainbow sound to it. Anyone have any ideas what I'm talking about?

Posted: 12/13/09 09:41 PM
Author: tocthecat
Location: USA
Posts: 1


Song from 1983 in think
The song is Tragedy, the group is Arcangel. I only heard it a few times on the radio but it is stuck in my head for 26 years now.

Posted: 12/23/09 04:31 AM
Author: morali benoit
Location: paris
Posts: 5


Song from 1983 in think
Yes good title, on the video they're beautiful girl

Posted: 08/16/10 08:59 AM
Author: Just Me LT
Location: Arkansas
Posts: 13


Song from 1983 in think
Hello; I was wondering exactally what "Asia/Rainbow" sounds like? Could you describe it in more detail. Thanks.....Just Me LT

Aaron From OHWC
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