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Posted: 02/02/08 01:53 AM
Author: NRM
Location: USA
Posts: 2


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Need Help Finding This Song!!
I've Been Looking For this Song For Years and I would Really Really Appreciate it if someone can help me in any way.I Have a Link to the Song, However Its In a Mix that I heard, so its not the full song.The Song Starts to play at 1:52 into the mix then Officially Starts at 2:00 Exactly into the mix.If The Person sounds As If He or She is Saying,There Lies Again Or something close to that.If Anyone Can Give me an Artist Name or Title Name of that song It would be Much Appreciated....

LINK : http://www.zshare.net/audio/71098931b58b5c/

Posted: 02/11/08 03:06 AM
Author: Windwalker
Location: Fullerton, California
Posts: 19


Need Help Finding This Song!!
Well, I believe I heard part of Kevin Lyttle's "Turn Me On" (the Lenny B Mix) in there....
Posted: 04/07/08 10:36 PM
Author: Wu
Location: UK
Posts: 58


Need Help Finding This Song!!
That would be The Nightcrawlers "Push The Feeling On" (MK Mix)...


Aaron From OHWC
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