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Posted: 06/15/09 11:44 AM
Author: Sphinxman012000
Location: Atlanta
Posts: 5


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Need to ID these songs.
1. I think the name of it is "I love you more"...more than you. Female vocalist.

2. Is by Bohannon, I think it's called "Get Up and Dance"

3. Does anyone have a source for old school downloads?


Posted: 06/15/09 07:12 PM
Author: Jamaica Got Soul
Location: Jamaica
Posts: 3


Need to ID these songs.
Here is a link with lots of old school downloads
Posted: 06/23/09 08:57 PM
Author: KEITHC
Location: Chocolate City, USA
Posts: 61


Need to ID these songs.
1. (Is likely): "I love you more" Rene & Angela, late 1980
2. (Is likely): "Get up and dance" by Freedom, 1980.
Posted: 07/01/09 09:16 PM
Author: Alex C
Location: Toronto, Canada
Posts: 11


Need to ID these songs.
#2 is "Let's start the dance" by Hamilton Bohannon
Posted: 07/14/09 05:13 AM
Author: janjan1965
Location: Texas
Posts: 1


Need to ID these songs.
go to www.youtube.com and then make you a list of songs and artist, then go 2 www.limewire.com and you will have the songs you want.

Aaron From OHWC
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