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Posted: 02/03/08 01:30 PM
Author: dannyluvsol'skool
Location: usa
Posts: 68


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please someone!!???
this is like my third time pleading for this song....does anyone know where i can "listen" to or download "in a world of fantasy" by smoke city, a group from the early eighties they also made the song called "dreams",i know the name of the album was "i really want you",i've been searching for years............please help me out.

Posted: 02/03/08 03:37 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


please someone!!???
Smoke City - In The World Of Fantasy {1985}

Click to hear



Posted: 04/28/08 09:30 PM
Author: buster4476
Location: usa
Posts: 2


please someone!!???
Did you try youtube? try typing in smoke city in the world of fantasy

Aaron From OHWC
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