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Posted: 02/04/08 11:24 PM
Author: Real80'sR&B
Location: USA
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Hard-To-Find REAL 80s
I'm wondering if anyone (Dan) knows who sings a song called "Rappin' Bout Rappin'." I believe that was the name of it. Came out in early-mid 80's. It was an odd song by a man with a bangin beat and singing and rapping in it. The girls singing the chorus use to be jammin. Somewhere in the middle there was a break down that went "when it comes to rappin, this much I have got, but when i get my hands on you the rappin's got to stop." Dan, whassup? (Smile)

Posted: 02/04/08 11:50 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Hard-To-Find REAL 80s
Junie - Rappin About Rappin (UH-UH-UH) {1981}

Click to hear

Note: Junie Morrison of P-Funk and Ohio Players fame.



Aaron From OHWC
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