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Posted: 08/28/09 03:09 PM
Author: danger555
Location: Scotland
Posts: 1


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Name that song

I hope someone will be able to help figure out what this song is called, as it been driving me made since june, I then Reheard it again last week. but I still only like the tune ( no idea why) thus I never pick up on any lyrics!

this Description is VERY CLOSE to it,

* 5-7 sec Guitar solo at the **start**
* There electronic /Moog synthesizer. starts playing thourgh the rest of the song
* The main tune is electronic synthesizers/ with Guitar
* man singing there is no woman singing
* It does seem to have the same tune as the"The Wanderer (Dion song" "" sounds A bit Like but not quite!,
* its very UP beat and happy and livery song

Any ideas, and thanks for looking at least

Posted: 01/31/10 01:14 AM
Author: Windwalker
Location: Fullerton, California
Posts: 19


Name that song
It's been a while and real long shot, but any chance it's "Hooked on Love" by Dead or Alive? It sorta kinda sounds like your description...or not really....


Aaron From OHWC
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