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Posted: 08/29/09 07:52 PM
Author: jemreed
Location: USA
Posts: 1


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I saw a video on VH1 popup video and forgot the name and lyrics and it is killing me. It was an 80's pop song.

> Lead singer is British with blond hair
> Video takes place in a bar reminiscent of New Orleans. Underground type place. Patrons weren't interested in the band. Some playing chess. Some talking. There was a skeleton puppet for some reason in the video.

It is literally killing me not being able to remember the lyrics. If this video description rings a bell for anyone please give me some help. Thanks.

Posted: 09/09/09 12:31 PM
Author: QSKYFM
Location: Gleneagle, CO
Posts: 1


I may be able to help you if you can remember any of the other videos in that episode. Or you can go here and see what videos were in each episode. http://www.tv.com/pop-up-video/show/22506/episode.html?season=All&tag=list_header;paginator;All

The 80's and beyond www.qskyfm.com
Posted: 09/12/09 01:07 PM
Author: Ms Silk
Location: chicago,il
Posts: 4


Are you talking about Kajagoogoo. The song is called To Shy.
Posted: 12/23/09 04:40 AM
Author: morali benoit
Location: paris
Posts: 5


for kajagougou Hi this is a Europe dance format

i have more title in 320Kb

if you want send me a emal [email protected]



Aaron From OHWC
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