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Posted: 10/09/09 10:38 PM
Author: Teezoid
Location: ATL
Posts: 15


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Maybe before 80s
These song may have come out before the 80s but I remember them in the 80s. Need to know group name and song title. Sound like the Chi-lites or a group like that. medium tempo Some of the chorus is

1)Sitting in the park waiting for yoouu

It also sound like this song Need artist and song title as well

2)I do love you
i love you i love you
OH my baby hey e yeah
I do love you i love you I love you

My baby
I love you soooo
and I don't want you to go naw naw
Please listen to me
I'm beggin you on bended knee
shoo be do wop shoop shoop shoo be do wop

This could be the same two groups they sound similar

Posted: 10/10/09 01:22 PM
Author: KEITHC
Location: Chocolate City, USA
Posts: 61


Maybe before 80s
Your looking for "I do love you" by G.Q.
Posted: 10/22/10 04:55 PM
Author: Teezoid
Location: ATL
Posts: 15


Maybe before 80s
Thank you sooooooooooooo much. Ur the best

Aaron From OHWC
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