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Posted: 07/07/05 09:34 AM
Author: Carl
Location: UK
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Heaven Knows...
Hi all..

Just joined! Hope I can find some help here....now at the end of my tether.. here goes...

Request 1:

Getting really frustrated with this one...Looking for a tune that goes like this... I think..

"Heaven knows how I'm missing you..heaven knows how I'm missing you're love.."

I think the brige is..."they say its never too late..never too late...to make things raah..haa.. ight..
There's two versions of the song, both released mid-late eighties..the vocalists are female

Any clues? Its definitely not Lala Hathaway.

Request 1:
Can't seem to get hold of a Starpoint greatest hits album (CD) or the Restless album on CD - any joy?

Thanks a Mil!


Posted: 07/09/05 09:51 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Heaven Knows...


This is a guess assuming the title is "Heaven Knows"

Artist: Jaki Graham

Song: Heaven Knows

Original Album Title: Heaven Knows

Year: 1985

Note: I see "UK" listed by a lot of her records at www.gemm.com.

Artists: Jaki Graham with J.J, Belle , Billy Jones , Carl Sturken , Derek Bramble , Tony Beard , Luis Jardin , Phil Todd

Track Listing:

Round And Around
Heaven Knows
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
You're Mine
Loving You
What's The Name of Your Game
Stay The Way You Are

Label: Capitol 12356 ... 1985 USA issue



Posted: 10/06/05 04:32 PM
Author: golightly
Location: uk
Posts: 1


Heaven Knows...
The group you are looking for is called Gems for Jen...that done my head in for month's....Top song i must say...lala hataway done a similar song but no where near as good...If you mange to get hold of the song let me know please.

Posted: 01/01/08 11:47 AM
Author: derickj
Location: Birmingham, UK
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Heaven Knows...
This is way too old to post, but i actually owned this track from new and now I can't find it... I don't actually think it's gems for jen though... just can't remember who recorded it.. would love to find it online.... any ideas??? Anyone?

Aaron From OHWC
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