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Posted: 12/15/09 10:08 AM
Author: accentstyle2010
Location: USA
Posts: 1


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Help with 80's Dance Track
Here are the lyrics. I did the best I could with the lyrics.

"Don?t you try to convince me
I can see that look on your face

We can?t be together can?t you see
Come on baby won?t you let me be
Don?t stand next to me you?re wasting time
Go play with somebody else?s mind

Can?t you tell I don?t want you
Can?t you see how I feel
Don?t you try hard to con me
I?m just not making a deal
You tell me that I need no one
Though I try so hard to be kind
You just don?t seem to be to understand
For you I have no time
I know you?re the hunter baby and I am the prey
Searching for some love to last until the break of day"

Aaron From OHWC
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