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Posted: 07/20/10 02:52 AM
Author: ruffid00
Location: SE PA
Posts: 1


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The band 123

I remember a band called 123, from the early 1980's; they were a new wave/dance band.

They had two great songs, one of which was called 'Restless Love', and, although I don't recall the title of the second one, I seem to recall the word 'birthday' being in it.

Also, their one-and-only album I believe was also called 123, and I do believe that they were from the States.

I can find any info on them anywhere, and I've searched extensively for such, using multiple search engines, and it's driving me mad!

Does else any remember this band, and if so, can you fill in any of these blanks for me?

Aaron From OHWC
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