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Posted: 07/25/10 01:33 PM
Author: andyl
Location: liverpool
Posts: 2


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Dont know the Artist
Hi new to theforum, i'm looking for a song ,cant remember the year!
it was either Summer 88 or deffo 89 , it was a someone playing a sax in a king of mellow tune , then a male voice that sounded a lot like luther vandross sang the encore bit.sorry to be so vague , i thought the sax player was Courtney Pine as he's the only Sax player i know lol.If you know who this is i'd be made up if you let me know.



Posted: 10/02/10 07:50 AM
Author: Kylie
Location: Philippines
Posts: 8


Dont know the Artist
This is a tricky one. I immediately thought of "You've got a friend" by Big Fun in 1990, the song does feature Courtney Pine on sax and it is quite mellow, but it also features Sonia on guest vocals and I'm not sure how similar their voices are to that of Luther Vandross. But it's worth a try anyway, just in case this is the song you're looking for:


Aaron From OHWC
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