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Posted: 10/08/10 02:16 PM
Author: misshoneybee
Location: Holts Summit, MO
Posts: 6


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Old school song with Steve Arrington percussions?
I am trying to find a song from the 80's It sounds like Steve Arrington's percussions and his voice. I know some of the lyrics as well...

?You really got me. I feel the need to please. I'm gonna find your weak spot. You got me hummin', like a honeybee. Sting me full of love shot. I need to have you by my side. They say good things all come in time. I don't want to bite my tongue, but I want you tonight. While you're still fresh. And you know she knows she's in the mix. Mix me in your mix. Till the mornin' light. Girl, you chill my mind. Girl, you chill my mind?

I have been trying to find this song for at least 15 years. They used to jam it all the time back in the 80's on KLUM (now KJLU at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO). I have done a lot of computer searches, but no dice. I don't think I have all of the lyrics correct, but I think I'm pretty close. I truly hope someone knows this song and likes it as much as I do. I really want to find this song and purchase it, if possible.

Thank you,

Aaron From OHWC
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