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Posted: 03/06/08 09:59 PM
Author: fordaefo
Location: California
Posts: 5


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old school jam wanted
I am looking for a song called bedrok. It has a line that says " whats the name of your town? Bedrok". Please help.

Posted: 03/22/08 09:50 AM
Author: KEITHC
Location: Chocolate City, USA
Posts: 61


old school jam wanted
In case there's more than one "Bedrok" in the database, what you're looking for is the one by "Glass featuring John Williams", circa 1983 on HCRC records out of Houston, TX.

Keith C. (The K.C. Music Factory.)
Posted: 04/30/08 12:38 PM
Author: Raye
Location: Chicago
Posts: 2


old school jam wanted
on snap i remember that joint I may have it on a cassette - i need to get them converted to cd- i'll hit u up if i find it, please do the same

Aaron From OHWC
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