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Posted: 03/09/08 07:32 PM
Author: DARIUS69
Location: VA.
Posts: 5


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looking for "This Time" by Champaign
If anyone out there has this, could ya please send me a mp3 Thanx

Posted: 03/10/08 07:48 PM
Author: michael burise
Location: alexandria, la
Posts: 11


looking for ''This Time'' by Champaign
what's up D,

Been looking for the song myself. The album is "woman in flames", with hit song "off and on love". I downloaded it from lime wire but erased it and can't get it now. If you do hook me up.

Posted: 09/01/08 04:26 AM
Author: sub~wave
Location: Netherlands
Posts: 14


looking for ''This Time'' by Champaign
Hey all, the whole album is available here :


Posted: 09/21/08 11:24 PM
Author: soap68
Location: Alabama, USA
Posts: 26


looking for ''This Time'' by Champaign
My anti-virus software warned of a Trojan Horse virus at this site. Perhaps, you should not refer anyone else to it. For all who sees this post, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Aaron From OHWC
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