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Posted: 03/17/08 08:17 AM
Author: 2prfm.com
Location: Sydney Australia
Posts: 2


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Was it a drum or a beat device?
Hey folks,

I've just started doing a music course, and we have to write a song. We are using propellerheads Reason 3.0.

They were several songs in the early 80's like, Roxy Music's "Jealous guy", Visage's "Fade to gray", and Hall & Oates' "Kiss on my list", that all used a particular drum, like some kind of electronic device. It was mostly pronounced on Dave Stewarts and Barbara Gaskin's "Cry if I want to".

Would anyone know what this drum is?, and.... can I buy a Reason Refill that has that particular sound.

Many thanks from down-under.

Aaron From OHWC
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