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Posted: 05/03/08 05:54 PM
Author: Houston
Location: London, UK
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Unknown Music from Grosse Pointe Blank
Hello Everyone

My first post here. Thanks for setting up this forum. My query is a song from Grosse Pointe Blank which appears in the youtube trailer between 1.11 to 1.37. I'm pretty sure it isn't on any soundtrack though I've heard it elsewhere before. Here's a link -


Thanks everyone and have a good weekend

Posted: 05/05/08 09:54 AM
Author: hanjenden
Location: USA
Posts: 40


Unknown Music from Grosse Pointe Blank
Here you go:


NENA-99 LuftBallons

This song is on a lot of 80's CD's, and there is also a version in English called 99 Red Balloons.
Posted: 06/23/08 10:37 PM
Author: tngal37
Location: tennessee
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Unknown Music from Grosse Pointe Blank
One of the songs is Pressure from Queen, another is I got U Babe from UB40 W/Chrissy Hynde, another is 99 Luft (Red) Balloons by Nena, another is Modern Love by David Bowie. The only one I couldn't make out was the very first one before Pressure.
Hope this helps.

Aaron From OHWC
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