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Posted: 05/08/08 09:01 PM
Author: amiya
Location: london
Posts: 1


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early 80s female rappers
Hi everyone, my roomate and I used to listen to this tape around 84-85. It was a rapper girl or girls (cant recal), but it jammed, can anyone help pinpoint the female rap artists of that time.. any sites to listen to those albums to figure it out?
thanks everyone.

Posted: 06/28/08 05:04 PM
Author: Brian04700
Location: Akron, OH
Posts: 2


early 80s female rappers
Salt 'n Peppa maybe?

I need some song lyrics
Posted: 07/14/08 01:33 PM
Author: Sharon Webster
Location: Mississippi
Posts: 1


early 80s female rappers

Was it Salt & Pepper, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah
Posted: 10/04/08 08:54 PM
Author: cyborgsilk
Location: germany
Posts: 9


early 80s female rappers
maybe JJ Fad?
Posted: 10/08/08 11:29 AM
Author: sonar
Location: charleston, sc
Posts: 12


early 80s female rappers
Roxanne Shante, maybe?
Posted: 10/28/09 11:58 PM
Author: mikeisalive
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 1


early 80s female rappers
It's been a year or so since you posted, but I think you may have been thinking of L-Trimm. They sang "Cars that go Boom." You can listen to it here:

Posted: 11/02/09 02:18 AM
Author: VALlewellyn
Location: Bowie, MD via London, UK
Posts: 1


early 80s female rappers
either Moni Love, Yoyo or MC Lyte.

Aaron From OHWC
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