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Posted: 07/30/05 10:25 PM
Author: Sol2004
Location: Canada
Posts: 2


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Tokyo Rose??????
Okay, so the song has eluded the enitre World Wide Web! What song has the lyrics

She sang a song like a Tokyo Rose
or something to that effect

can anyone help?

Posted: 07/30/05 10:35 PM
Author: Sol2004
Location: Canada
Posts: 2


Tokyo Rose??????
Sorry for the panic, after many tries at "phone a Friend", we figured it out to be Idle Eyes, a very ellusive Canadian Band.
Posted: 07/30/05 11:18 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Tokyo Rose??????

Records for sale...


Posted: 08/01/05 07:06 PM
Author: Peter
Location: Ontario
Posts: 51


Tokyo Rose??????
You tell the story like Tokyo Rose
I got the picture from the stains on your clothes
Didn't they tell you bout the shape I'm in
In this condition of carnal sin...

Wonder what the "stains" thing means.....

Aaron From OHWC
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