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Posted: 05/20/08 09:37 PM
Author: katman
Location: canada
Posts: 1


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Can't track down this song
similar to "rocket" herbie hancock though not sure if it is entirely instrumental. Early 80's late 70's.. ."ALL THAT JAZZ" or something like that.

I have been looking for ever and have searched dozens of chart sites. I had the 12" 45 in the day.

Posted: 06/23/08 09:07 PM
Author: Simple Mind
Location: UK
Posts: 3


Can't track down this song
All That Jazz - Stetsasonic?

The 12" has a long instrumental intro but is mid 80's.
Posted: 11/15/08 10:13 PM
Author: newords45
Location: usa
Posts: 7


Can't track down this song
you should try NEW ORDER
Posted: 11/18/08 09:25 AM
Author: discorino
Location: Toronto
Posts: 12


Can't track down this song
could it be nick straker band with A little bit of jazz?

Aaron From OHWC
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