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Posted: 06/19/08 05:35 PM
Author: carriestar44
Location: California
Posts: 20


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Classic Rock Legends
Eliminator - ZZ Top

who agrees with me? They were one of the finest rock bands of the 80's, and their look...sunglasses and beards topped it off.
Did anyone know they're releasing again? It's a dvd of their live show from Texas. I saw some of the clips and their still rockin their classic hits as if it was 20 somethin years ago again.



Posted: 11/05/08 02:47 PM
Author: newords45
Location: usa
Posts: 7


Classic Rock Legends
yeah id have to agree zz top is a badass but my favorit from the 80s would have to be new order. they rock
Posted: 08/16/10 08:31 AM
Author: Just Me LT
Location: Arkansas
Posts: 13


Classic Rock Legends
C; You got that right!!!!! Classic Rock Legends Still Rock!!!!! I've got all they're CD's & can remember riding around listening to them on the 8 track rocking to "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" those were the good old days when you could go to the Cow Palace in San Francisco & hear Pink Floyd for $3.50, well worth hearing The Great Gig in the Sky & have a big model airplane sail down right thru the band on stage while they played Money, they didn't let anyone sit behind the band, I guess they had it all set up, cuz the plane crashed & burned!!!!! Too Cool!! Later.....Just Me LT

Aaron From OHWC
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