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Posted: 06/23/08 08:15 PM
Author: Simple Mind
Location: UK
Posts: 3


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Hi everyone!

First time here...

Am looking for 2 songs:

Chorus 1, as much as I remember goes:

"Hey Mr. DJ...
please would you play that song
..all night, all night..."

and it's around '86, '87...maybe '88, easy song sung by a female artist.

Dance Song 2:

All I remember is a female vocal saying: Passion... And then a cascade of happy synths. I had it on tape around summer '88 or '89, impossible to retrieve. The song had a quite happy sound, wasn't too fast and it isn't either Gat Decor, The Flirts or April Wayne. Thanks in advance.

Posted: 07/10/08 09:01 AM
Author: kelechi Asiegbu
Location: Nigeria
Posts: 21


I think the first song you are looking for is called "Hey mr Dj" and it was done by the female group called "Zhane"
Posted: 08/10/08 07:37 PM
Author: Simple Mind
Location: UK
Posts: 3


No mate

I knew about Zhane. Thanks anyway. I've found one of my songs. Joyce Fenderella Irby - Mr DJ.

Posted: 08/10/08 08:27 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Song #2

Try this song...

Bata Drum - Passion {1985}

Click to hear




Posted: 09/01/08 04:22 AM
Author: sub~wave
Location: Netherlands
Posts: 14


i overlooked one post and linked a wrong track, lol.

Peace !

Aaron From OHWC
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