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Posted: 08/06/08 07:54 AM
Author: kelechi Asiegbu
Location: Nigeria
Posts: 21


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I need help!
1. There's this early 90s song that was done by a lady.... the chorus sings this way... i'm all about love, love is what i'm giving, i'm all about love, love is what i'm missing...

2...the second song's chorus sings thus (by a female)in the early 90s .. don't say that it's over, pls dont make me cry, give my love a trial, dont say that its over, i dont wanna lose your love...

Pls who can help me with the names of these great Artist/songs and where i can find them..

Posted: 08/11/08 10:29 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


I need help!
Song #1

Try this song...

Giorge Pettus - All About Love {1991}

Click to hear

Song #2

Azizi - Don't Say That It's Over {1991}

Click to hear



Posted: 08/11/08 11:01 PM
Author: KEITHC
Location: Chocolate City, USA
Posts: 61


I need help!
Kentechi: I think the what your looking for in question no. 1 is "All about love" by Joyce Sims.

Aaron From OHWC
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