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Posted: 08/20/08 02:43 PM
Author: MulletMelitia
Location: USA
Posts: 2


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Back to the Future
This movie exemplified the eighties. The soundtrack was killer! Huey Lewis is the man and he was making waves in this film.

I am writing about BTTF, because of the new Hyperdunks that came out that are modeled after McFly's in BTTF 2. The line is continuing, and the marketing agency I work for is promoting new videos about them.


These videos are really funny, so check them out if you get a chance!

Posted: 09/08/08 01:59 AM
Author: own12s
Location: San Bernardino, Ca
Posts: 16


Back to the Future
So you don't actually need anything?
Posted: 10/09/08 01:19 PM
Author: eightiesbaby80
Location: USA
Posts: 16


Back to the Future
haha ya those videos were pretty funny

Aaron From OHWC
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