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Posted: 08/26/08 05:37 AM
Author: kelechi Asiegbu
Location: Nigeria
Posts: 21


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Pls sort me out
I must 1st of all thank Dan, u r wonderful. I cant stop hailing u. U r the best.

1) i need the name of the female artist in the 89/90s who sang a disco song with chorus........if you're down on love, u got to keep on living,, baby don,t give up, u got to keep on living..., don't get down on loooooovvveeeeee.

Posted: 08/26/08 08:32 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Pls sort me out


Thanks for the compliments!

Artist: 1 World

Song: Down On Love

Year: 1990

Click to hear (song starts at 4:11)



Aaron From OHWC
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