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Posted: 09/07/08 02:17 PM
Author: cherrypotion
Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
Posts: 15


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Mystery 80`s tune
Hi there! I`m hoping someone here can help me identify this mystery tune. I`m pretty sure the song is an 80`s tune, and I think (I could be wrong though) that the title of the song is ``All Day`. The song has something of a Jamaiican calypso feel to it, and it sounds like something you might hear on a crowded beach in summer. The chorus goes something like this:

All day, I look out the window,
all day, I listen to the stereo,
no way, she gonna let it go,
today, I watch the winds blow.

Another line from the song is ``take my mind on a holiday cruise``. I`d really like to find out the actual name of this song and the name of the band that performs it, so I can locate it on CD. Any ideas, anyone.

Posted: 09/07/08 03:12 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Mystery 80`s tune

Artist: Idle Eyes

Song: All Day

Year: 1984

Click to hear


If you need help with digital conversion, contact Canadian music expert Vic Ferri at [email protected] Vic can convert the entire album including album art to CD for a modest charge.



Posted: 09/07/08 07:51 PM
Author: cherrypotion
Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
Posts: 15


Mystery 80`s tune
Thank you so much Dan. I was actually able to download the tune and burn it to CD myself. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find the lyrics to the song?

Aaron From OHWC
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