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Posted: 10/04/08 04:21 AM
Author: edubsr65
Location: Tampa FL
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Help with a song name or artist name
What was the 1980's pop dance song called Goodbye sung by a female that had music theme samples from Green Acres wizard of oz changing of the witches guards and the Addams family?

Posted: 10/07/08 05:44 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Help with a song name or artist name
Artist: Janice

Song: Bye-Bye

Label: 4th & B'way Records

Genre: Freestyle

Style: Electro

Year: 1986

Here's the song...

Click to hear

Note: This song includes samples from The Addams Family, The Flintstones & The Wizard of Oz

This website has several versions of this song...

Click to hear



Aaron From OHWC
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