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Posted: 10/04/08 08:12 PM
Author: cyborgsilk
Location: germany
Posts: 9


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search for an Old song from 80's or late 80's
i am an realy old school Fan and i got a lot of music maybe sometime i can help also.
I search a long time for an song that i got on tape few few years ago,
i no nnot much only a few words from the song.
its not an realy rap its more like milli vanilli
i can remember this:

hello you how are you doing you look good... no way... she moving
the way she move here body groove

there is also a little guitar in the song i got it on a tape where also the song "das Omen" from "Mysterious Art" was on it and this song is from 89

so i hope i found thia song one day thats the last song that i search for


Aaron From OHWC
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