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Posted: 09/09/05 01:28 AM
Author: Twinkie
Location: Nevada
Posts: 6


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R&B Slow Jam
Well I got one more for ya.

Male singer and I could have sworn it was Freddy Jackson! But I can't find it listed under him.

Song is call(and I'm guessing) "Can I"

verse one:

Can I have a talk with you
Can I make your dreams come true
Can I be your hearts desire
I would, If I could.


Thanks in advance


Posted: 09/12/05 02:30 PM
Author: ken_qman
Location: MD
Posts: 20


R&B Slow Jam
Possibly David Peaston
Posted: 09/13/05 09:14 PM
Author: Twinkie
Location: Nevada
Posts: 6


R&B Slow Jam
thanks Ken. I found it =)
Posted: 04/04/08 07:56 PM
Author: Thattypeofguy
Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA
Posts: 4


R&B Slow Jam
Hello, the song you are looking for is called can I, and the Artist who sang it, is David Pieston, if I am spelling his last name correctly, Peston. sorry about the spelling but that is his name.

Dj Dr. Rock aka Thattypeofguy

Aaron From OHWC
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