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Posted: 10/12/05 01:23 AM
Author: tswift
Location: usa
Posts: 4


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Dan in Ga.
Please help me with the artist name on the song Afection

Posted: 10/12/05 12:23 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Dan in Ga.

Artist: Ta Mara & The Seen

Song Title: Affecttion

Album Title : Ta Mara & The Seen

Year: 1985

Note: Affecttion is spelled with 2 't' s on the record cover

J.Johnson G.Hubbard Jr.

All I want is to get to know you better
Be together very soon
Me and you have a connection baby
And I know you see it too

So accept this invitation from me to you
What more can we do
We'll be alone
No disturbance on the telephone
Oh baby can't you see

All I want is affection(all I really want)
Baby please no rejection(all I need)
All I want is affection(all I really want)
Baby please no rejection

At times I see see through you
I know you wanna know me
and I think you should
So let me take this precious time
To turn on my charms
Ooh baby don't have no doubts

I can feel that it won't be long
You're all I ever needed
Is a love to love me
Ooh and that's what you'll have to do
Can't you see I need you

(Repeat Chorus)
Anything you want
To show you baby know you
The things I do for you
But you got to understand
I want affection love

(Repeat chorus twice)


Aaron From OHWC
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