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Posted: 11/29/05 07:32 PM
Author: alari1
Location: usa
Posts: 1


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80' s R&B please help
I am looking for and old 80's r&b song, it contains some of the following lyrics

Girl, I can't believe what your telling me, I've been here five minutes and your asking me to leave, is my conversation that much of a bore the things you telling me hurts deep down inside and these feeling of hurt girl i can't seem to hide and i don't care who see's me cry i just can't say goodbye (i dont wanna go)

Posted: 01/09/06 01:29 PM
Author: 88Grad
Location: St. Louis
Posts: 18


80' s R&B please help
Can you give more to this? The words are there for me I just need more to put it together

Aaron From OHWC
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