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Posted: 11/30/05 08:54 PM
Author: Garden Girl
Location: Australia
Posts: 10


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Hot Summer Night
Just trying to remember who sang the song Hot Summer Night

Can only remember 'In the heat of a hot summer night yeah" hoo hoo hoo hot summer night

Posted: 11/30/05 10:47 PM
Author: sirthom
Location: USA
Posts: 3


Hot Summer Night
Meat Loaf
Posted: 11/30/05 11:06 PM
Author: pete
Location: planet porphyry
Posts: 485


Hot Summer Night
I think the song you're thinking of is 'Hot Summer Night' by Night (confusing eh?). A hit in Australia and a few other countries around '78/'79.
Posted: 12/02/05 11:21 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Hot Summer Night

Artist: Night

Song Title: Hot Summer Nights

Album Title: Night

Year: 1979

Track Listing

1. Hot Summer Nights
2. Cold Wind Across My Heart
3. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
4. Ain?t That Peculiar
5. Come Around (If You Want Me)
6. You Ain?t Pretty Enough
7. Shocked
8. Love Message
9. Party Shuffle

Walter Egan of (Magnet & Steel) wrote the song for NIGHT. Here's a song clip from Walter's album. I could not find a song clip from NIGHT...Click to hear Walter's version

There was a time not too far gone
When I was changed by just a song
On the radio and in my car
The pounding of an electric guitar
Then the time came to make our stand
We started up a four-piece band
And the heat felt like spotlights
In the heart of a hot summer night
Ooh hot summer nights
Ooh hot summer nights

Return with me to when times were best
We were friends that could pass any test
Shared our hopes, our dreams, our goals
And the fundamental rolls
As we sang in the dark rooms
Happy just to play our tunes
It felt good when we got it right
It felt good on a hot summer night
Ooh hot summer nights
Ooh hot summer nights

So it lives and it always will
The songs we sung are in us still
Ringing out with all of their might
In the heat of a hot summer night
Ooh hot summer nights
Ooh hot summer nights

Note: Night's first 2 albums have been released on one CD at Amazon.com

Click here for CD


Aaron From OHWC
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