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Posted: 12/17/05 09:57 PM
Author: dex
Location: Illinois
Posts: 1


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song search - 2 songs
hello everyone, anyone - looking for 2 songs, plz help!

song1) I think the title is "Baby It's You" an r&b slow song from the 80's. Don't know the man and woman (group) who sang it. If somebody recognizes this song and who sang it, or where i can find it - id totally be greatful.

Some lyrics: Baby its yooooouuuuuu yeah. Sugar I'm for real and every word i say is true, that all of my lonely days and nights are through, Because I will always be there baby to love and comfort you, and show you love that will last through out the years.

song2) I think the title is "On the Upside" I believe a much unfamiliar, kinda dance song, gotta be 80's, womans voice, electronic-synth music. Not really sure of the title, and totally clueless on artist - I like this one though and have been looking for it for awhile now - please help with any ideas.

Some lyrics - On the upside - love is happiness and tenderness - there's lots of - lovin and kissin on the upside - love is ecstacy so love me tenderly and be sure to keep your lovin on the upside...

At least thats what I remember.

Thankful for any help!

Posted: 12/18/05 01:16 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


song search - 2 songs

Could this be the 2nd song?


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Posted: 12/19/05 04:50 PM
Author: soulsis
Location: hem is fear
Posts: 232


song search - 2 songs
that was my jaaaaaam!

soulsis -cause love is happiness and togetherness

Aaron From OHWC
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