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Posted: 03/15/05 04:54 PM
Author: txchica
Location: Texas
Posts: 1


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Fast Times @ Ridgemont High Song
I am looking for a song from the movie. It is where Linda (Phoebe Cates) is coming out of the pool and Brad (Judge Reynhold) is "Fantasizing" about it. It sounds like it may be music only, but who plays that Song??? THANKS

Posted: 03/18/05 10:14 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Fast Times @ Ridgemont High Song
Here's the soundtrack will full length songs...


Posted: 04/16/05 04:31 AM
Author: Aaron From OHWC (Moderator)
Location: California
Posts: 35


Fast Times @ Ridgemont High Song
I do believe that that is 'Moving In Stereo' by The Cars (1978).

-Aaron from OHWC
Posted: 03/12/06 02:49 AM
Author: mr.heatmiser
Location: california
Posts: 4


Fast Times @ Ridgemont High Song
That was an easy one! I have a hard one: the band is Felony and the song: fanatic or I am the fanatic help me out?
[email protected]
Posted: 04/02/08 02:06 PM
Author: cementhed
Location: michigan
Posts: 7


Fast Times @ Ridgemont High Song
mr heatmiser, the band is called "felony" and the song is indeed "fanatic". i have the album and its just so-so, other than that song the rest is standard fare.
Posted: 04/24/08 06:26 PM
Author: cigarandyak
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 6


Fast Times @ Ridgemont High Song
what a good song. the whole album that "moving in stereo" is on is fantastic.

Aaron From OHWC
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