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Posted: 02/06/06 03:59 AM
Author: cosen
Location: Malta
Posts: 2


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Millions like us

have been rather desperately looking all over for what I think it had been a limited single release of a group called MILLIONS LIKE US; I believe the title was "In Love With Yourself" ???

a tune has been playing in my head for the last few days (heard it in a pub) and I am hoping to at least verify that THIS IS IT, otherwise I may just go crazy...!

the tune has a female lead vocal (or could that be a new-age teen voice?) singing in a low key with a kids choir joining from the first chorus; an ample orchestra appears to provide background.

ever since I heard it, my mind had been racing towards the late 80's (as release year) and I think it had only made it in the UK Charts Top 20. but I maybe wrong...

can anyone suggest where can I at least hear a sample of that song or anybody can think of another title/singer?

Posted: 02/06/06 04:07 AM
Author: cosen
Location: Malta
Posts: 2


Millions like us - I need help finding this tune!
the singer comes in with :

"I am in love with the (world?).....

and each repeat chorus ends with the verse:

"with you"

in a very soothing, low key,then the orchestra comes in...

please help!!!!
Posted: 02/10/06 01:22 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Millions like us - I need help finding this tune!
I don't see any song clips on the internet. The CD is available at Amazon.com...

Click here


Aaron From OHWC
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