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Posted: 02/19/06 12:04 AM
Author: vbservices
Location: USA
Posts: 8


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Hi All,
Do you know a song back in the early 80's that had a catchy phrase "RPM means repeated ... movements.....My baby just a tease"

another song " At last the chance to do what we've wanted to for the longest longest time"

another one " My must I wait..." I think this was Ray Goodman & Brown...but I can't find the song

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Posted: 02/19/06 04:42 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969



Song #3

Artist: Ray Goodman & Brown

Song: Why Must I Wait

Album: Take It To The Limit

Year: 1986

Track Listing:


Take It To The Limit .
(Baby) Let's Make Love Tonight.
Good Love.
Celebrate Our Love.


Why Must I Wait.
Waiting For Dawn.
We've Got Tonight.
Someone's Missing Your Love .

The album is for sale at ebay and www.gemm.com

Note: Ray Goodman & Brown were formerly "The Moments" with a big hit called "Love On A Two Way Street" The name was changed in 1978. Ray Goodman & Brown had a big hit called "Special Lady".

Posted: 02/19/06 12:44 PM
Author: vbservices
Location: USA
Posts: 8


Thanks a lot for the help Dan. I thought I knew my old school & was resigned to the fact that I was never going to find the artists of the songs I listed ...there is hope now!!! Thanks
Posted: 06/30/07 08:55 PM
Author: vbservices
Location: USA
Posts: 8


Song #2 is by Aleem it is called More & More Love.....YAY

Aaron From OHWC
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