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Posted: 03/18/06 05:24 AM
Author: Tululah
Location: St. Louis, Mo
Posts: 11


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80's Videos

If anyone could help me find a video to one of my favorite song called "Affecttion" by Ta Mara & The Seen that would make me happy! if you have seen this video could you describe it if you remember what it's like. I LOVE this song and would like to have this video. Also, if anyone has the video to "Funky Little Beat" by Connie please let me know also!



Posted: 03/18/06 06:38 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


80's Videos
The video is here...

Click here

Note: People at www.80sxchange.com that purchased music from this site had problems in the past with the amount of time it took to receive their videos. Please read the 2 page thread below before making a purchase.

Click here


Aaron From OHWC
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