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Posted: 04/21/06 10:58 AM
Author: evil
Location: canada
Posts: 2


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the song had a video...mid 80s...short skinny chik blonde hair thight black suit well lets say she could be like a female version of billy idol

the lirics were
there was a time when we where young
i knew you more than anyone.....

Posted: 04/21/06 09:31 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969



Artist: One To One

Song: There Was A Time

Year: 1985

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"There was a time when we were young. I knew you when we played for fun. I knew you more than anyone."

Real Name: Leslie Howe & Louise Reny

Profile: Canadian duo that began as a synth-pop act (also known as One 2 One), then became a rock-pop act with their second album. The two also had later incarnations in the hard rock band Sal's Birdland (with Reny now calling herself simply 'Sal') and the alternative rock group Artificial Joy Club. Howe was also the producer behind Alanis Morrisette's pre-Jagged Little Pill Canadian dance-pop career, with Reny supplying lyrics and vocal arrangements.

Aliases: Artificial Joy Club, Sal's Birdland

Members: Leslie Howe, Louise Reny


Aaron From OHWC
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