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Posted: 04/22/06 04:37 AM
Author: oraleric34
Location: NL
Posts: 1


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Way of the West
Ok not the movie but the group with a track called 'don't say it is just for white boys'.

I have been looking everywhere for this track but just can'find it. Actually I do have a vinyl 12", but I need a digital track (MP3). Is there anyone feeling in a good mood and willing to help me please? ..... pretty please?

Any help would be so much appreciated.


Posted: 09/15/06 10:27 AM
Author: BigTDogg
Location: Planet Funk
Posts: 9


Way of the West
If you have it on vinyl, why not rip it to your PC? Best possible recording.
Posted: 09/15/06 10:35 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Way of the West
Companies that will transfer vinyl to CD...



Note: The companies will remove clicks & pops, remaster the music and transfer the original album art to CD


Aaron From OHWC
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