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Posted: 05/12/06 02:53 AM
Author: GoingCraZy
Location: CA
Posts: 2


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help! 80's or early 90's song..
The song is an r&b song from the 80's or early 90's and is by either a solo female singer or a female group. It goes like this...

Some days I look back on the times when all your world was mine..I look back on the joys that lovers seem to find.. and time and time again I think of you..so tell me what it takes..to make you mine again..cuz all i want is to be with you can you make this dream come true..cuz i'll be holding on..

Another song i am looking for the artist/title to has a hook that goes...

Sweet memories of the times you and I remember how it used to be..

that is all i got...i would appreciate any info!!

Posted: 05/12/06 10:07 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


help! 80's or early 90's song..
2nd song:

Artist: Theresa (Theresa King)

Song: Sweet Memories

Album: Broken Puzzle

Year: 1987

Click to hear the full song from Theresa's website

The album is available at www.gemm.com or maybe ebay.

Theresa King posted on the following thread :Click here

Posted: 05/12/06 02:57 PM
Author: GoingCraZy
Location: CA
Posts: 2


help! 80's or early 90's song..
DAN you are THE BEST...thank you soooooooooooo much..that song brings back so many memories!!! One down..now if i can just find the other song...my life will be complete LOL (:

Aaron From OHWC
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